Vita of Cécile Romat

Cécile Romat was born in France to an artistic family. Her father was a professional pianist who encouraged her interest in dance from an early age. She performed for more than 10 years as a ballet dancer and continued as an artist with painting after injuries that precluded her career. 

Cécile Romat lived in Paris and Mykonos before New York. She left Paris for Mykonos to explore the tellurian power and the sublime transcendation of the greek light. She transformed this experience into her work using metallic paint as a spontaneous manifestation of her awareness of the precious metals grandeur. From the ancient Egyptians, to modern science, through the mystic of alchemy, the role of precious metals is as relevant as the metaphysical question within humanity. 

Her paintings depict the deepest layers of this realm. 

"The paintings of Cecile Romat are concerned primarily with transcendence. Her visually experiential approach to the non-linear surface is contemplative of light and the motion of light. The fragility of the very nature of light and of our perception of light is evident. Darkness is always but an impulse away.  

Romat’s ethereal incandescence, achieved through her use of dry metallic pigments overlaid or underlaid with deep varnishes and imbued with true hues, create resulting forms which are at once intentional in their affirmation of illumination and yet remain changeling with their concern about the motion of light and the dark impulse.  

As her work progressed from her use of traditional oils with hints of metallic gleam to her later work wherein she developed the layering of fragile dry metallic pigments embedded within other mediums and forms, one can see the development of a visual structure and vocabulary uniquely suited to addressing chiaroscuric form and meditation.

These canvases and panels are not meant to be statements but observations. The surface and our perceptions change as light changes, as the colors of the sky change. As the day turns to night so in turn do they change to other hues and shapes. These surfaces are abstract as choreography or music is abstract. They are the form they are in the medium in which they are expressed.

We invite you to spend time with these works and to know what they have to say to you. Today. It may change tomorrow".Martine Bisagni

Cecile Romat studied modern literature at the University Michel Montaigne in Bordeaux,France.She was enrolled in the foreign programm at the renowned Art Students League of New York,where she studied painting with Bruce Dorfman,William Scharf and Larry Poons, drawing with George Cannata and printmaking with Richard Pantell.

Cecile has exhibited her work in Paris, New York and Mykonos.