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Trailer for the documentary of the painter Cecile Romat in NYC with the exclusive participation of H.E. Francois Delattre (French Ambassador of the United States)


Trailer for documentary on French painter Cécile Romat at her NYC studio, at the French consulate and in Central Park. Produced, directed and with music by Dall Wilson.

DVD of the documentary available on amazon.

Temoignage de William Scharf 

Both chilling and warming, the brazenly metallic air makes twisting turns in Cecile Romat’s splendid paintings, as our eyes search her precious color for mysteries as well as splendors.

She quite beautifully reassembles dark quick silver and quick gold with the radiance of bronze and challenges with the clashes and games that I believe she hides in her lofty and imaginative sky scapes.

William Scharf
New York, April 2007